Amazon Opens Program For Creating “Watch & Shop” Apps For Fire TV

What Happened Amazon is launching a program that invites video content owners to create shoppable streaming apps for their content on Fire TV streaming products. The so-called “Watch and Shop apps,” which now has its own section under the Apps tab, allow Fire TV users to view and purchase a curated list of items relevant […]

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Creative Direction, Copy Writing & Content – How May I Be Of Service?

Gods of Advertising is on hiatus so I can devote more energy to completing a manuscript as well as writing for my clients. Perhaps you? Services include copy writing, brand manifestos and creative direction. I’m passionate about helping clients develop powerful creative business ideas. This is my portfolio My portfolio Do you have a writing project […]

Open RFQ – Central District Health Marketing & Advertising

Central District Health is requesting quotes for a marketing and advertising plan to increase awareness of CDH programs and services throughout the four counties we serve and to increase the agency’s clinic client base. Full RFQ details are available in the documents below. Deadline to respond is Friday, December 6th at 5:00 p.m. MST. Central …

SEO & Your Small Business

Does Your Small Business Need SEO? Trusted Los Angeles Advertising Agency If you own a small business, your marketing decisions can usually make or break your company’s future. You may be wondering if investing in Search Engine Optimization is worth the time and money. From the outset, it is a given that when SEO is […]

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Top 7 Marketing & Advertising Trends In 2020

We’ll tell you why these are going to be the trends to watch in 2020: No-click Searches Custom Website Frameworks Voice Search The Internet of Things Expanding Use of Video Content Personalization Artificial Intelligence People love predicting the future, which is odd because almost no one ever gets it right. Still, if one were to… Read more »

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